Sunday, November 04, 2007

Thinking about moving my thinking blog over here...

Right now my thinking blog, versus this one which is more pictures and what not, is on yahoo's 360 pages. Because that is what I found first, and was most comfortable when I first got started on this whole blog kick. But the Yahoo gods have decided that they need to make changes, and everyone over there seems to be jumping ship for multiply. And well Multiply seems to have its whole own set of problems, and a whole new format to get used too. Well I just got used to the way things work here, and now they want me to learn a new way? So I am thinking that I am going to come and do my thinking blog over here. So I hope those of you that come here just for pictures of the kids, well you are going to have to put up with my thinking "outloud" moments for a while too. For those of you that check both blogs (Not that I think there are that many of you), I will probably do lots of double posts for a little while.

On a different note, does anyone else hate Daylight savings time as much as I do? I hate it, hate it with a passion. The whole kit and kaboodle, just is wrong to my mind. I take days to get used to the change, and then the kids are just as bad.

I just had to send my girls to bed at 730, because they are both witchy and overly grumpy. Add in the fact that I explained that it was really 830 to their minds and bodies, and they were REALLY grumpy going up the stairs.

Love being a “single mom” absolutly LOVE it.

Only 17 days of single momdom left… Then there will be a whole new transition to get used to. grrrrrr
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