Saturday, November 10, 2007

Scrambled eggs DJ style....

This morning I was wanting a real breakfast, so I made bacon, and eggs for Pat, Nikki, Jerry, DJ and I.

DJ decided that he wanted to help "make eggs", so I turned around while I was making Jerry's over eay eggs and DJ was cracking more eggs into the bowl I was making the scrambled eggs in. I gave him his own bowl to make his own eggs then, to save the rest of us from eating egg shells.

So here is DJ's recipe:
3 eggs, crack open and put into a bowl (egg shells optional)
1/4 gallon of milk
Stir until counter top is a mess, and egg/milk mixture is well mixed
Hand bowl to Ms. Nikki to "pour it"
Giggle maddly while Mommy and Ms. Nikki try to figure out how to make eggs edible because you can tell the difference between your eggs, that you made and the eggs that mommy made.

He actually ate quite a bit of his eggs, and he said they were good. I will believe him...

Today I went in a covered a shift at Lowes for them. I actually closed for the first time since going back. I had forgotten how slow it gets on Saturday nights. There were two of us closing which made time go by a lot faster, since we spent most of the time goofing off and just being silly. Don't get me wrong, we did pleanty of work and we got everything done before we needed to, but we had fun doing what we needed to do.
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