Monday, November 05, 2007

Wouldn't having a personal trainer, who worked with you every day be a wonderful thing? I mean how else was Katie Holmes able to complete the New York Marathon after only 2 months of training?

Don't get me wrong I think it was great of her to participate in the race, and even better that she signed up under a false name to not take the attention away from the other runners, but holy buckets batman, two months of training? Really?

On to news of real importance to me.

My mom just called, while I was teaching. My mom only calls in the middle of the week when it is something big, normally upsetting news. Which of course meant that I called my mom right back as soon as I got done teaching.

When I called her back she was on the phone with my brother.

Angu's grandfather died last month, which I didn't know.
Her mom is in Spain dealing with all of that, and they are running into legal problems over his business, I guess it is not problems within the family with any of it, it is problems with the person that owns the property that the business sits on.

Must remember to send a card to her parents.

And Matt and Angu, and the baby (the dog) had to evacuate for about 3 days from the fires (they didn't tell anyone, and I asked). The fires were about 300 yards from their apartment complex. Mom told Matt that that was close, and Matt said that it was 2 apartment complexes away. Leave it to my brother to downplay something like that. (insert rolling eyes here)

And then the real reason why my mom was calling, my grandparents were up in Mn visiting my aunt and uncle and my grandma passed out. She is in her 80s, so this is a scary thing. She was sitting at the table while my aunt was washing dishes, and started staring out into space so my aunt asked her if she was ok. My grandma said oh yes, then a few minutes later did it again, and just as my aunt looked at her, she passed out. They called the EMT's and it turned out that her blood pressure was very low. She refused to go to the hospital, and when my aunt got ahold of the doctor down in Iowa he said ok, make sure she comes in as soon as she gets home. Do not pass go, do not go home, do not collect $200. I guess by evening her blood pressure had returned to the low end of normal. They took her to the doctor in Iowa City today when they got home, and he took her off her blood pressure meds. They cant find anything else wrong, so they are just keeping an eye on her, but if she does it again before her next appointment next week my grandpa is to take her to the ER (or call the EMT).

In other news, DJ's school is doing a whole month on the theme of Thanksgiving. Today he came home with a paperbag, Native American outfit and a headband with feathers. He would not put it on for me to take pictures though, and now I am not sure what the big kids did with the headband.

Kelsey has informed me that they might be having a ballroom dancing meeting tomorrow, which is fine and dandy if she can find a ride home. I have to work until 4, and the club will be done at 2:45.

Natalie has a band concert tomorrow night, that should be ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fun. Yeah fun is a good word. They are having treats afterwards, so there is that to look forward to. I will have pictures to share when we get home.

Speaking of pictures, I have pictures from Saturday when we went to the Race Village of the Destin World Cup, Off Shore Boat races. We did not get down to Destin early enough to go to the beach to actually see the races, but seeing the boats up close was neat for DJ and Jerry. The rest of us enjoyed Bass Pro Shops, and Books a Million. I just have not taken the time to download the pictures off the camera yet.
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