Friday, June 20, 2008

Exercise? Schexercise...

This has been a BAD exercise week.


Can we say backwards slide?

I did something on Sunday to my left leg while I was at work, and it has killed me all week long. To the point where the only thing that helped was not being on it at all on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday I did a little bit of walking in Macon, but I paid the price when I got home. It was throbbing.

It felt better Thursday, which was a good thing since I was on it all day at work. Then I got off late, so I had called Jerry to tell him to wait until I called to head over to get me. When I called he was in a different shop so they had to track him down.

I decided to start walking towards the base. I think I went about a mile and a half before he met me. So there is my only exercise for the week.

Hopefully next week is better, cause next week the Summer of Me weightloss challenge over at Baby Tea Leaves kicks off.
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