Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday already?

How did it get to be Monday already?

I shouldn't complain really, since both Jerry and I have the day off of work. We spent the day running errands.

Including going to Kroger for the gift card special, where you buy a gift card for $300 and they give you $30 on top of it. Then we turned around and spent most of the gift card. LOL But we really needed groceries and we got for the most part just things we needed.

My knee is still killing me. When I put wieght on it I get sharp shooting pains behind my knee cap, and it locks up a lot. I spent the weekend at work in a chair, but at self checkout, so I still had to get up and help people that were nincompoops. It would make more sense to just have me answering phones, or something else, but NO, that is too easy.

And I love the chain of communication at the store! My direct manager had no idea that I was on a "profile" and couldn't stand. Thank goodness I had thought to grab my copy of the workmen's comp paperwork!

We talked to the girls last night, and it sounds like they are having a great time. They were getting ready to go out to dinner at the beach, with Angu's family and my mom when they called, and then spend the night and today with my mom, because Angu was going into work for a while today. Tomorrow, I think they said they are going to Sea World with a bunch of people that we met at the wedding.

Hopefully they are behaving! ;)
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