Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Jerry is in the hospital again.

He had an appointment yesterday with the doctor for his heart burn, where he told the doctor that everything just wears him out, and the doctor said he was sure, but didn't waive his PT stuff.

Then we got home and he got sick to his stomach, so he called work and told them that he was staying home the rest of the day and going to the doctor this morning (general practitioner).

When he was at the clinic on base they checked his hemoglobin and all of that labs stuff, and he was low again, so the called the ambulance to take him to the ER at the county hospital.

When I was there they were saying that Dr C (the heart burn doc) and Dr. B (the heart doc) as well as Dr. T and Dr P (the base general practitioner docs) had all been notified and were going to be consulting on the next step. But what they know for sure is that he is there over night, and they are running potassium in, and probably another transfusion before too long.

The sucky thing for him is there are no beds available upstairs, so as of right now he is stuck in a private room in the ER.

He doesn't care about that part, just that they told him he could not eat until after they do an endoscope tomorrow (possibly).

Its a never ending saga around here I swear.
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