Friday, June 06, 2008

K-Mart Rocks

Or at least the one near us does.

Wednesday afternoon, after DJ and I took Jerry some shorts and his tennis shoes at the hospital, we ran to K-Mart.

The original plan had been to run to either the Walmart that is on that side of town (the "good" Walmart) or up to Target.

But as I was driving west I saw the K-Mart sign at the top of the hill, and thought what the heck, I have not ever been to this one, lets check it out. I am sure that they have the couple of things I was looking for.

Of course they did. :)


They give 10%-20% off to all military id card holders, depending on what you are getting and how you are paying.

The only catch that I could see, is that if you are paying by credit card it has to be a Sears Charge card. But they will let you pay cash or by debit without a problem.

Hey it saved me about $10 today, and I only got about $30 worth of stuff!
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