Friday, June 27, 2008

They are there!

They got in about 2 hours ago.

They said that the flights were long and boring. LOL

Better to be bored, than have problems, I say.

Angela said that she went to the Northwest counter and they told her that they didn't have the girls down as unaccompanied, but they were brought out and she had to sign for them, so who knows, I guess they just didn't put it in the computer. Maybe that is why we didn't have to pay anything?

When the airline told her that they weren't in the computer as unaccompanied she called here, and the only thing I knew to tell her was that they would be walked out to the baggage claim and that she would have to sign the paperwork for them. I knew they would be the last ones off the plane. But other than the airline didn't give me any information for her end.

The girls said it wouldn't have taken as long, but an older woman who needed a wheelchair (because she is on crutches), the airline didn't have the wheelchair at the gate waiting for her, so they had to wait for that with her (the one flight attendent was in charge of all three of them.)

Angela was picking on the girls about all of the stuff they brought, and they laughed at her and told her that most of it was for her and Maddox. :) Coming home they should have about 1/4th of what they have now. LOL
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