Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Slim down summer check in

I am late, again, I know.

Or else early, depending on how you want to look at it.

I think I like the early version of the story better, with just a week skipped. ;)

Since my last check in I haven't done as well. (insert big sigh here).

I did walk to school every day, but Jerry picked me up from school both Thursday and Friday.

I didn't walk around the classroom as much, because I was cleaning out file drawers and what not when the kids were working.

And I didn't walk around the school as much during planning, for the exact same reason.

And it was too hot when we had break to walk the track.

But I did go swimming once.

And Jerry, the kids, the dogs and I, did go for a long walk on Monday night, as well as this Sunday night.

Before I reset my pedometer I had 32000 steps for the week, however I did not wear it consistantly.

Saturday and Sunday I got in 27,000+ steps at Lowes and with our walk. So that tells you how crappy of a week walking was at school.

Here's to hoping for a better week!
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