Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about The Peach Tree farm

On Monday we went to Lanes Southern Orchards, so here are 13 things that we learned on our visit.

1. Peach trees are very picky about how they are watered. They have to be watered as if it is raining, so falling from above.

2. Georgia is no longer the #1 producer of peaches in the United States, that falls to California.

3. Arizona and California will not allow fresh peaches to be shipped in (which sucks for me, since we have family in both places.)

4. The Lane Packing Company has been in operation for 100 years this year (owned and operated by the same family). They are celebrating on the 4th of July with a big party.

5. In 2006, The Lane Family and B&H Georgia Orchard, LLC formed an alliance. B&H Georgia Orchard, LLC is a joint venture between the Banack and Hazel families of Vero Beach, Florida. Lane sells their citrus fruits, and B&H sells the peaches and pecans for Lanes.

6. Last year Lane's sold 1.5 million pounds of Pecans.

7. Pecans are not picky about how they get watered, in ground irrigation works just fine for them.

8. Pecan trees do not need to be watered once they reach maturity, they can handle almost any drought we have.

9. The average Peach Tree has a life span of only 18 years, after that they stop producing. They replant the field once with peaches, and then turn plant Pecan trees in between the peach trees, so that when the peach trees have stopped producing there is only a couple of years until the pecan trees start producing.

10. The average Pecan tree has a life span of over 60 production years.

11. Lane's has over 30 varieties of Peaches grown and sold. And is constantly working for make new varieties.

12. The company has an agreement with the Mexican and American governments for guest workers. They provide the guest workers and their families with housing, and all of the comforts of home as well as work.

13. They recycle any rain run off water and water used in cleaning the peaches to water the trees. There is a 20 million gallon pond on the property that holds this water until it is used in the irrigation process.

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