Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Walmart update...

When I got home on Sunday night there was a message from someone at the Walmart. Could not tell you what her name was, or what position she had, because, she has no phone manners and didn't give them to the voice mail.

At least someone called, last time I filed a complaint, it was ignored.

It was a really stupid message though, about how they are working on the issues, and hope that I will give them another chance. Of which they have to be kidding me.

The only way that store is going to get any better is if they fire the store manager, and get in someone that busts balls and doesn't put up with the crap that gets done in there.

Because as they say, crap runs down hill, and if the store manager would step up to the plate, and take charge when people are in line, or busts the ones not doing their jobs, the ones that need the job will step up to the plate, or else find other employment.

I could walk in there tomorrow and point out about 10 people that I have had to deal with, that should not be in a customer service related position. Starting with the cow that works in the money center, and going on to probably 90% of the CSM's. Plus whoever does the scheduling that has it so that there is only ever maybe 4 registers at a most open!

Working in retail, and being a teacher some times sucks.

Because I am BIG on manners, and BIG on the customer always comes first. (Sunday, I actually told the outside garden manager to apologize to a customer that had to wait for 10 minutes for an override, he probably was about it anyway, but he was taking too long to do it. LOL I apologized later for saying it, and he just laughed and said it was not a big deal.)

I went Monday morning to the Walmart across town, and had such a better experience, it was rather funny. I wanted to purchase some fabric so that I could make a clothes pin holder to go on the clothes line. There was no one in the craft section, and as someone walked out of the back of the store I asked if he could page someone for me. Which he did gladly (why doesn't Walmart have the customer assistance bells like Lowes?). I stood there for a few more minutes kind of looking around, not too impatiently when another customer came up and said that the gal would be right out, she was in back logging in the new stock. I told her that it was ok, as long as she was out in the next 25 minutes she would beat the other stores record. She just laughed and agreed with me. You see, she also lives closer to the Walmart that gives crappy service, and drives to the Walmart we were in for what she needs. I find that really sad, and a disgrace. We should be able to expect the same customer service at every store, one would think. Heck I also went to the Lowes over here and was asked by every employee that I saw if I needed help with anything. Which is spot on for customer focused.
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