Monday, February 11, 2008


But its a good exhausted.

Jerry and DJ took me to the school at 730 this morning. The front doors weren't even unlocked yet. LOL But Mr. L pulled up after a couple of minutes and he and I talked, I explained that I got 2 phone calls last night and two this morning, so I wanted to make sure that he still needed me before Jerry left.

It was a fun time in the kindergarten classrooms, yes, I said rooms. The para-pro in the classroom that has a long term sub was out sick and they needed me to go into that room and help out. So I started out the day in the class where I will be for at least this week and the week after winter break, and then after specials went over to the other classroom.

At the end of the day Jerry and DJ picked me up and we went to see about my car. After 4 days they still do not know what is wrong. (insert temper tantrum here).

Then I had my interview at the local school. I am not sure how it went. I feel pretty good about it, but I have felt good about a couple of the others that I have gone on before. All I can do is sit back, and pray.

As soon as my interview was done I came home, changed shoes, grabbed some dinner and ran out the door to Lowes. That was a long shift, normally we are out of there by 9:20 or so, even those of us scheduled till 10. But tomorrow the big wigs are coming through, so we had to stay late and make it all perfect. I agree with one of the guys who said that if people did their jobs properly all day long, every day, we wouldn't have to jump through hoops the night before a "show and tell".

Tonight I realized that I still do not have my w-2's from the college in Florida. Which is all we are waiting on to file our taxes and try to dig out from this hole we are in. I just sent them an email about it, hopefully they will tell me how to get them electronically (but I doubt it). It will take a TON more than just our tax return, to get us out of the huge hole we are in, but that will be a start, hopefully enough of a start to keep our a$$e$ out of the fire.
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