Tuesday, February 26, 2008

finally heard something. :(

I finally heard back from the principal at the school that I interviewed at last week. What she said is that she has decided to just leave the long term sub in the classroom (which I can't figure out why the long term sub wasn't offered the position, because the long term sub to have been in there since October has to be a certified teacher.) She took all of the blame today on herself, and said that she got cold feet over putting someone new in the classroom right before the big writing test, since she was worried about how the kids and parents will adjust.
She did say that she hoped that this would not turn me off of applying/interviewing for other positions that might come open for the coming year, and that if anything changed she would let me know. shrug I am still disappointed, and upset but what can I do?

At least she didn't hire the fresh out of college girl that interviewed right after I did the other week.

I have my sub job that I am in right now until at least the end of March, and even though its not the same as teaching every day, and its not teacher subbing (so its less money), its a steady subbing job. But man sakes alive, parapros have it rough.
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