Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Prius problems, follow up interview

I talked to Beau at the dealership today at lunch time. It turns out that there is a problem with the inverter/converter part of the hybrid. It is a $3,600 part. Luckily for us it is still covered. Of course if it wasn't I would be filing a big time complaint with Toyota.

They have ordered the part, and it should be here tomorrow. Hopefully...

I have been having so much fun with the kindergarten class. They make me smile. Especially when they "get it". It is fun to see the light bulb just come on. I know that this group has been through a lot, because they have had their regular parapro, then the first sub for her, and now me. Now that I have been in there two days though (well a day and a half) I am learning the "terms" that the kids know as their clue words as to behavior, how to act in the halls. And I also know now what is expected of them by their teacher.

I really feel for the class that I was in the second half of the day yesterday. I don't know how they will be ready for 1st grade next year. They have had 3 different subs, plus their regular teacher who is out on disability.

DJ had his first field trip today. :) They went to the dental clinic on base. Ms. D said they had a great trip, and they were all so well behaved.

If you can spare some more prayers my friend V still needs some. They finally started inducing her yesterday, after hoping over the past weekend she would go naturally and miscarry. This did not happen. They started her induction yesterday, and she progressed to a point, then stopped and as soon as they took her off the pit, she regressed. Today she was making progress but not enough, then she started running a fever. They are talking about doing a D&C tomorrow if she does not have the baby on her own tonight, which she does not want, because she wants to be able to hold him, and get his fingerprints/footprints.

Also a positive thought/prayer request for myself (I feel selfish even requesting it). I received a phone call today from the principal that I interviewed with yesterday. She wants me to come back in tomorrow afternoon to meet with the grade level team that I would be working with if she offers me the job. I really really want this job, and not just because of the fact that we need the money, but because I feel it is a place that I can make such a difference in the lives of children, that it would be at a school where I could grow as an educator, and a place where I feel that I could be a big benefit. If you add in the fact that I could W.A.L.K. to and from the school, that Kelsey would be less than a mile away, that Natalie would be just over a mile away, and that DJ would attend this school (hopefully for PreK, but definitely for Kindergarten), and it is the perfect job for me to get.

If you haven't been by to check in on Nathan, Tricia, and Gwyneth lately please do so. Gwyneth has been found to have MRSA on her nose, so far not in her blood system, but we need to pray that this continues to be the case.
There is another beautiful picture of Nathan holding Gwyneth as well, and it is enough to make your heart melt. Plus happy 5 weeks Gwyneth!!
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