Thursday, January 03, 2008

So much for getting an early start

SmileyCentral.comWe got down to 18 here last night, yes in Florida, 18 degrees Does anyone remember what happened to my car when I was in Iowa both times and it got that cold? car wont start. I have had to call roadside assistance to have someone come out and fix it. When I was on the phone with them, they tried telling me that my warantee had expired, um no it hasnt we got the 100,000 mile
So I had to unpack my car so they can get to the part they need to get too, and they will probably end up having to tow it to the shop anyway, because last time it did this it was the computer that doesnt like the cold. My husband is a smartass and told me that I should have kept it warm last night, um how? Put a scarf and ear muffs on it?
I could have put it in the garage I suppose, but that would have meant getting Pat to move their car out of the center of the driveway and his Harley over to the side more of the garage. Plus its a car its not supposed to have these issues!
Toyota is going to be putting a new computer in my car me thinks.
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