Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nervewracking day

I am so tired. Those 5 and 6 year olds are a lot of work. Plus I got evaluated/observed today, on no notice, by the principal that I have had my two interviews with.

The office called Mrs. J first thing this morning and said that she had a phone call in the office. So she ran up and answered the phone. It was either the principal at the school I have been at or the one with the interview, I never figured out which.

Mrs. J came back in and asked me if I knew that Mrs. T wanted to come and observe me teaching. :? Um no, she told me after my follow up interview yesterday that Mr. L (Principal where I have been at all week), had given me a great recommendation, and that she would let me know early next week, but not that she wanted to come see me in action. And that she planned on being there in about 30 minutes.

So Mrs. J and I came up with a master plan of something that I have watched her do, and helped her do that they do every day, so that I could just do that part of the day and go with it.

Which would have been great, except that Ms. T was running late. And she showed up right before lunch....

So then we said well how about after lunch, which she said was fine, because she had an hour after our lunch was done and when she had to be back to her school. She told me that she wanted to see me teach for 45 minutes to an hour, and just do what I would normally do, she would be invisible. (ha, with kindergartens).

Mrs. J looked at me, and when Mrs. T and Mr. L walked out Mrs. J said she wants to do a GaTech on you... (which is Georgia speak for official observation)...... AHHHHHHHHHHHH

So Mrs. J took the kids to lunch so that I could relax and get my head on straight. (which meant I didn't eat, but I was too nervous, I probably would have been sick if I had tried).

Then Mrs. J took the 3 bouncy hyper kids out, because she said that when she does her GaTech she sends them out for the most part. Two of them have lots of pull out programs, and the third was just having a hard day (couldn't be because its VALENTINES DAY, and THE DAY BEFORE A BREAK?????)

Our 5 minute transition after lunch time came and went, so the class and I went over listening skills, and circle time behaviors, etc etc.

Then another 5 minutes had gone by and she had not come in, so I decided we just needed to get started.

We were 90% of the way done with what Mrs. J and I had figured up for me to do with the class. :roll: by the time Mrs. T came in. So I winged it... I went ahead and moved into calendar time, which I did differently than normal. It was the 15 minutes leading up till when we were supposed to go to break (recess) and have our celebration, and then 15 minutes into that time, but I was able to use the excuse that Mrs. J was not back in the room yet, and we needed to wait for her to come back. (Only saving grace is that Mrs. J does not always do recess at that time if they are in the middle of something).

At about 1:25 I had a bunch that needed to go to the bathroom, so we lined up and went out to the bathroom, and by that time Mrs. T needed to leave to get back to her school. :whew: I apologized for the chaos that was calendar time and explained that I had only seen Mrs. J do it once this week, and with break time upon us I wasn't sure how much time we really had. :crazy:

Anyway... Mrs. T told me that she would let me know either tomorrow or some time early next week.

Mrs. T gave nothing away, poker face... So I don't know how I did.

Mrs. J seems to think its a done deal, because Mr. L told her that he knew that this means he has to find her a new parapro... She said that the reason why I can't know now, is that Mrs. T has to get someone at the district to sign off on it before she can offer it.

I am not getting my hopes up at all, because I don't want to end up crushed...

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day! I didn't realize that DJ's class was passing out cards until I got there. But luckily I had the bookmarks that I was going to give the kids in my class as Valentines, in my back pocket, so I gave him those to pass out. Which did help avoid the tears as I left, because he was putting them in cubbies.

Natalie is at a Valentines dance at the middle school. Jerry took her and her friend Chris up to the school, and Chris' mom will bring them home.

Kelsey is babysitting for the one gal in Jerry's shop tonight. S said they wouldn't be long and I told her that they could take their time eating and what ever because Kelsey does not have school tomorrow, so its not like she has to be in bed early.

Jerry gave me a great Valentines present. :) Two boxes of thin mints. :)

My friend V finally delivered K Jr last night around 730 cst. I have heard that he looked a lot like his daddy, he was 7 inches long and 6 ounces (?). Mommy is doing a lot better now that she got to see and hold him for a while. I believe that they were able to spend over an hour holding him.

I am thankful that we all have the day off tomorrow (well until 5 when I have to be at Lowes). I need to just sleep, sleep, sleep, before I get sick, sick sick. I just hope that I am able to sleep past 7.
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