Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Another day, another $60 down the drain

My fingerprints are still not back, so I still can not sub. I could have been in the 5th grade class that I am going to do the long term position in at the end of the month today, because she has a doctors appointment.

I figured it out today that this hold up has cost me about $600 so far, because I have had at least 2 phone calls a day from different schools needing a sub since the day that I passed out my business cards. I even had one secretary ask me that morning that I passed them out if I was able to start right then. Sigh

If loosing the money wasn't frustrating enough, I am also loosing out on making an impression on the principals, teachers, and secretaries that will help me get hired on for the fall. I saw what I am up against on Saturday, and I need to make a good impression to have a chance. While I am looking forward to doing a long term sub for 6 weeks, that only lets me work with one set of people. I know that the school I am going to be at has an ESOL position open, but only one other one is even a maybe at this point, so there is going to be some competition for both of those.

Ok enough griping, I am off to have lunch with Jerry.
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