Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Prayers for a friend please

I just got off the phone with my friend N in Florida. We have a mutual set of friends V and K who were expecting their second child later this spring.

V was at N's house over the weekend to get her 3d ultrasound and to visit for a weekend while she was at Keesler for NCO academy. Everything was fine, and they discovered that they were expecting a little boy.

Sunday night V checked the baby with her fetal monitor and everything was fine.

Monday V was busy and didn't listen to his heartbeat, but had felt him moving.

Yesterday V didn't feel him moving, and could not find his heart beat, but L&D at the hospital at Keesler told her that he was probably just in a spot that she could not hear it with her little monitor and that if she still couldn't get his heartbeat this morning to go in.

This morning V went in and they could not find his heart beat on their monitors and when they did the ultrasound his little heart was still.

The hospital at Keesler wanted to have her deliver right there, but she wanted to travel home to Louisiana to be with her husband when she had the baby. So they allowed her to leave school and she is on her way home. K and his boss are driving toward Keesler from Shreveport and K will take her the rest of the way from where ever they meet, back to Shreveport and to the hospital, where she will deliver the baby.

Please keep V, K and D (their dd) in your thoughts and prayers, this baby was most wanted and most loved already. Pray that they make the trip safely, and that they find peace with this devastating loss. Also please pray that K will be spared from having to go on his deployment that he was slated to leave for soon, so that he can spend time helping V and D deal with this loss.
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