Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nathan's tips for not catching the flu... and...;

This post over on Nathan's Blog Has me CRACKING UP tonight.

He has written a post on how to avoid catching the flu in an elevator, and I must say that it is FUNNY! Go visit...

Oh and this just in...
Gwyneth Rose has done it again! She is an just amazing little bundle of joy. From the latest post
In Nathan's own words:
So, in the past 24 hours, Gwyneth has been moved completely off of any IV/Pic lines (delayed for a few days) and has been moved from CPAP to the Nasal Cannula and is on 1.5 liters of O2 (which is stinkin' amazing).

And, I've seen her lift her own head completely off her bed a few times, which I find incredible considering she should still be swimming around almost weightless inside her mother's womb.

He has some wonderful pictures of her over there.
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