Sunday, February 03, 2008

Book Meme, and my first Meme ;)

Ok, so my friend KateFrom One More Thing, tagged me to do this MEME. Which is my first. ;)
It’s a book meme, which I’ve seen around but never been tagged for: Find the nearest book, turn to page 123, start at the fifth sentence and type out the next three sentences.

So the book I am reading right now, happens to be the closest. Hanging Up by Delia Ephron

Now its no fair that I have to use page 123, since I am not there yet, but ok, I will play.

"I don't know. At least my father hasn't phoned." I look around for some wood to rap on.

Huh doesn't sound too interesting. ;) I promise the book is good though, its one of the ones I got in the box my SIL sent me before Christmas.

So I am going to tag: Lisa, Renee, Kim, and well thats it, because everyone else I can think of has already been tagged. ;)
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