Friday, February 29, 2008

Long week

What a long week! And of course its not over yet.

I am TICKED though at Lowes, I am not sure who to be mad at, so I suppose just the general overall everyone in management or above.

The store hours at our store have been extended so that we are open till ten, Monday to Saturday, effective tomorrow. If we are scheduled to close 9:30 on the original schedule we now have to work until 10:30. Which would mean I will be getting home around 11, and then turning around and being at the school at 7:45 the next morning.

I filled out an availability form to change my availability to show that I have to be off at 10 on Mondays, off Tuesdays-Thursday, off at 10 on Fridays, and then open to 5 on the weekends. I am sure they will give me grief, but I am killing myself with the schedule I have been trying to do lately. I figure I will tell B and A that I will close on Saturday if they need me to, I just need to know ahead of time (of course the schedule I have requested, is what they have had me doing for the most part anyway, except next weekend).

Next week, looks to be just as busy as this one was. (Insert sigh here) Especially since Mrs. J is out Wednesday-Friday for a state level training, and Wednesday I am on my own. Plus it is Dr. Suess week, which is always fun, but tiring (but it is my favorite week of the school year at this age!) I get to make Green eggs and ham on Friday, which should be LOTS of fun...... ;)
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