Thursday, February 07, 2008

Photo Meme, and a subbing update.

I was out blog hopping last night and I found this meme, and thought it looked like fun.
1) Answer the questions below.

2) Take each answer and type it into PHOTOBUCKET (

3) Take any picture from the first page of results and post. (click on the picture and copy the HTML code)

1.The age you will be on your next birthday:
2. A place you’d like to travel:
3. Your favorite place:
4. Your favorite object:
5. Your favorite food:
6. Your favorite animal:
7. Your favorite color(s):
8. The town in which you were born:
9. The town in which you live:
Warner Robins
10. The name of a pet:
11. The first name of your first crush:
12. Your nickname/screen name:
13. Your middle name:
14. Your last name:
15. A bad habit of yours:
16. Your first job:
17. Your grandmothers name (I did one for each of my grandmothers):
sh-t. Knuutilan Hulda
18. Your current job:
19. Your favorite drink:
Sweet Tea
20. Your dads name:
21: What does your house look like?
22. What kind of car do you have?
23. Favorite clothing store:
cato june
24. Favorite past time:
25. A lifelong dream:

This was fun... you should do one too!

Ok onto the subbing update!

I went to the school this morning. I checked in and went to Ms. S's classroom. Ms. S asked me if Mr. L had talked to me about a change in plans. Um not since Saturday.
Then she told me that when she got back to school yesterday (she took Tuesday off to go to the doctor), she had an email from a sub introducing herself as her long term sub. (What? HUH?)

So Ms. S emailed Mr. L asking if their was a change in plans that we didn't know about, explaining that I had been in on Monday, and we had a great day etc. He wrote back and said that he needed me in a kinder class starting Monday, and he just needed to talk to me about it again.

Ms. S said she almost called me last night from home and asked me if I knew about it, but she had left my number at school, and she knew I was coming by this morning. I had told her about my conversation with Mr. L from Saturday, when I was in there on Monday, but we both thought it was for the teacher that is out on disability. So we still didn't really know what was going on this morning.

So I walked back up to the office to talk to Mr. L. They have two certified teachers in each kinder class. The "parapro" teacher in the one room has to leave starting Monday (I didn't ask why).

Then he took me to meet the parapro, and then to meet the main teacher. I am going in next week even if my paperwork is not back to get my feet wet, and get started even if it is on a voluntary basis. (Even though I am hoping beyond hope that the paperwork is back by then).

I figure that if I go in and voluntarily work in there that will hopefully help me get a job for the fall. I came home today because I still have a headache from yesterday, and well there isn't really room for 3 teacher types in one kinder class.

Mr. L was so sweet, singing my praises to the kinder teacher and to everyone else that he introduced me to. I guess I made a decent impression the 2 times before today that I have talked to him.
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