Thursday, February 07, 2008

Update, to the update

I got home from going to lunch with Jerry, picking up DJ at nap time, and running to the mall to look for a trench coat type of jacket that wasn't $50 or more (had no luck, except at Target which was my first stop, and at that point I didn't want to spend $40).

Sorry got off track....

Anyway, I got home and the last email that came in while I was gone was from the lady at the school district, saying my fingerprints are processed and I can call at 4:30 to register on the system. She said that the problem was with the sheriff office's machine, and they had to get it fixed, before they could process my background check. She also said that she let the school where I am going to start next week, as well as one other school know that everything is cleared and that I am good to go. The other school she mentioned, I didn't even know had asked.

Since I am teaching online tonight for 6 hours, I am not sure I will get a chance to post again. Scratch that, I am teaching for 5 hours. I came in the bedroom to get set up, grabbed my headphones and the wire popped out of the headset. Jerry is on his way to the EE to get a new set, but with rush hour I don't think he will be back before I have to teach, so I asked them to pull my first session. Now to hope beyond hope that the new set will work with the classroom, some sets just wont work for some reason.

So here are my updates about my blogs that I exhibit OCD about checking in daily. AKA my Thursday Thirteen! These are in no particular order..

1. Wendy over at Are you going to be this way the rest of my life has been posting deals of the day. Go check them out!

2. Fussy from Ms. Fussypants Guide to life has started a group called: The League of Extraordinary Wives. You can go to Fussy's other site to read more about it. I haven't had a ton of time to explore it yet, but if you want an invitation shoot me an email.

3. Over at Remodeling this life she has done a bunch of great posts lately, everything from sharing the new granite countertops, to how being unprepared can be costly, to finding the beauty in the little things in life.

4. Kate at One More Thing makes me smile on an almost daily basis. Her posts are wonderful and if you have not been there yet, what are you waiting on?

5. Tricia over at Confessions of a CF Husband has been running a fever for the past couple of weeks off and on. Which is not a good thing, and they need to get it figured out. This also means that she can't go done to the NICU to visit with Gwyneth. However she did get to go outside yesterday for a while for some fresh air. Nathan posted a cute picture of the two of them, plus some pictures of Gwyneth without the CPAP on so you can see her better. :)

6. Alice over at Living life breathlessly is out of the hospital and from all accounts doing great! Her lung function was at a 65% yesterday, compared to 20% just a couple of weeks ago.

7. A at This Wasn't in the Plan always has some great recipes with less than 10 ingredients in them, as well as grocery shopping tips, and other frugal ideas.

8. L at Ramblings of a pseudo intellectual shares her newest addiction (, as well as funny stories.

9. Iowa Geek I only found this one yesterday, and they crack me up. I don't agree with everything that is said, but when does everyone always agree? ;)

10. Because I said so This would be Dawn of the EBAY mom stories. Again she cracks me up.

11. Cornish Adoption Journey About a family from Florida who is in the process of trying to adopt two little ones from the Ukrainian, both of the children have Downs Syndrome.

12. Life with my special K's A fellow military wife, who is handling it all (deployment, a child with Downs and cancer, plus 3 others) like a champ! I wanna be Renee when I grow up! ;)

13. I've Paid for this twice already From financial imprisonment to financial independence, a penny at a time. This is one family’s story.

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