Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy 4 weeks Baby Gwyneth!!

Today baby Gwyneth is 4 weeks old!!! Happy 4 weeks little girl!!!

Her "month" birthday isn't until Friday, but today is a day to celebrate if you ask me!!!

Go to Nathan's blog and read more about them, and wish that precious little girl happy four weeks in the world! (even if I am waiting for Nathan to post his weekly update pictures with her puppy! Hint hint Nathan! ;) )

It sounds like Tricia is sleeping a bit better, which is great news! If you are interested there is two different versions of their "love story" up on the blog.

The other blogger that I have been following Alice is out of the hospital and doing wonderfully from all accounts.

Thats all I got for tonight. I will have pictures from DJ and my trip to Monkey Joes today up tomorrow. :)

Still no news on my fingerprints for subbing, I am so mad right now its not even funny.
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