Friday, June 12, 2009

He is out of surgery

Jerry is finally out of surgery.

The doctor said the hole in his diaphram was about the size of making a C with your thumb and pointer finger. Plus his stomach had gone up to his esphogus, so they had to do more than they would on a "normal" person. They cut one of the nerves that goes to his stomach to give them enough room to pull his esphogus where it needs to be, then got rid of the hernia, put in a stomach tube (I don't remember why, but it was something he had said he might have to do.)

Dr. B said that all of Jerry's labs came back in the acceptable range today, so that they could do the surgery, and there is a couple of syndromes that could be the cause of his potassium problems. So since they have him here they are going to run more tests and what not to see if they can figure it out. Plus he has asked a couple of the big wig specialists to check in on him.

Dr. B said with his history he will be inpatient longer than a normal person that has this surgery.

Since when has my husband been normal?
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