Thursday, June 04, 2009

Travel plans

Our travel plans have been 99% firmed up for next week.

I went and saw Mrs. W, Jerry's Tricare manager on Robins, after we stopped and saw Jerry.

Mrs. W called the Mayo Clinic and as long as his potassium stays stable next week they want to go ahead with the surgery. Mostly because the next availbilty would have been on July 8th (our anniversary), and chances are he would go through this cycle again before then anyway.

So right now the plan is for Jerry and I to drive down Sunday night, and for him to go into the Mayo Clinic on Monday and Tuesday for several series of tests. A couple of which were appointments that he was supposed to have done yesterday, today, and tomorrow at Robins, but....

Wednesday should be a down day with no appointments, then he will be admitted on Thursday for his pre-op, with the surgery on Friday. I have not gotten a straight answer about how long he will be in the hospital after the surgery. Most things that I can find on the web indicate 24 hours, so perhaps we will be gone right at a week.

The only hold up in the process right now is that the Ssgt. in charge of cutting orders for the hospital on base is hard headed, or hard of hearing, or just plain stupid. She could not get it through her head that Jerry was in the hospital and could not bring her the paperwork that she kept telling Mrs. W and myself that she needed. After about 10 minutes Mrs. W got her to understand that we have to leave Sunday, and that Jerry probably will not be out of the hospital in time to bring it to her, so Mrs. W is going to take the paperwork over and then they are to call me so I can get the orders picked up. Not sure why I am surprised, that this Ssgt. is a pita, she is the one that doesn't seem to think I need to go with Jerry to his surgery. Good thing she doesn't get to make the decision!

Hopefully Mrs. W will call in the morning and I can go pick up Jerry's orders, and we can be set to go on Monday. I have got to check out hotels and all of that fun stuff tonight, which is the real reason we need the orders cut before we go, without them we don't have acess to the government card.

My parents are leaving Phoenix tomorrow morning, and hopefully will be here on Sunday (their 40th wedding anniversary!). The kids will stay here with them.
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