Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I am trying to decide

If it is funny or sad that the fact that Jerry is in the hospital, once again, with no answers, doesn't even effect the kids or I any more.

I mean seriously, the only thing I did different last night was take the phone into the bedroom with me, and leave the bedroom door open.

Oh and turned off the alarm clock. ;)

A year ago, the second time he was in the hospital, I was a wreck, just like the first time he was in the hospital.

Now I am like, whatever, maybe they will find an answer this time to what is going on.

What gets me, is they can't even say this time that it is because he isnt taking his medicine the way he should, because he has been. Plus he has been eating and drinking things with extra potassium in it. All because of his surgery that is scheduled for next week.

Jerry got mad at me when I told him that he needed to call the tricare lady on base to find out what was going to happen now. He doesn't seem to get it, that I need to know so I can let my parents know. If we are not going to Florida next week there is no reason for them to drive out here this weekend, they can and should wait until the surgery is rescheduled. Or if the doctors decide to pump him up and send him early, I need to know that too, so we can figure out how to deal with the kids, until my parents can get here.

I guess I need to head into town and see if I can get answers.
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