Monday, June 15, 2009

We are home

And Jerry is resting. He didn't want to lay down right away and didn't want to take any more pain medication so by the time he did he was hurting.

The labs that were scheduled for today were ran yesterday at the hospital, so as soon as I ran to Evil Empire to get a money order for our rent, and got that in the mail we left for home.

Let me just say that the beds at the hotel on Mayo were so much more comfortable than the other hotel! I slept like a baby. :)

I was hoping that Jerry would not need to go into the base for a few days, but I just talked to his case manager and she would like to see him tomorrow some time. :sigh:

I don't think that Dr. B's secretary understood what I needed when I called and asked her for a letter outlining to the Air Force what Jerry can and can't do for the next few weeks. She said she will mail one out to me, but I asked Mrs. W to call Nurse R and get something from them.

Our trip home was uneventful, Jerry slept most of the way, thanks to his pain medication. Good thing too, since on I95 you can't avoid all of the potholes. ;)

My mom and dad are going to stay in the hotel down off the interstate for a couple of nights, so that Jerry can sleep in his own bed tonight.
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