Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Home from the base

This morning Jerry and I had to run into the base to check in with Mrs. W his Tricare Case Manager.

She talked to us for a few minutes, then walked us down to the clinic so Jerry could get and fill out the paperwork for his convalescent leave. While he was filling that out Mrs. W, DJ and I walked down to the travel managers office so I could turn in our receipts, so we could be repaid for everything.

The travel manager, the same one that made a point to tell me in an email last week to bring everything into her as soon as we got back?

Yeah that one!

Well she is on leave this week, and wont be back until Monday. Convenient considering that they have training all this week on base.

Anyway I left everything with the fiance lady, and she said if she got a chance she would do it for me. I hope she will, because it sure would be nice to have that money back, sooner rather than later!

I just have to hope that the package doesn't get misplaced on one of the two desks!

Mrs. W then had E (Jerry's PCM's nurse) check Jerry's blood pressure, which was actually lower than E has ever seen it. So I have to take him back in tomorrow to have it checked again. They also want to keep an eye on his weight since he had lost 15 pounds between Friday and Sunday.

We were going to go to the BX, but by the time we went to BK and got lunch, Jerry was hurting so we came home. We can do the BX tomorrow.

My mom and dad are going to drop Kelsey and Natalie off at MIL's house tomorrow, for a couple of weeks. The girls asked Mom if they would mind driving down I20 to MIL's so they could spend time there. They had wanted to go for the entire summer, but that fell through, then they wanted MIL to come by here and pick them up on her way home from Jacksonville, but she wanted to go straight home. Either I will go get them around the 4th of July, or MIL will bring them home. Just depends on Jerry, I guess.

So it will be just us and DJ for a few weeks.

Oh and the animals, to include 3 new kittens that were born yesterday. Anyone want three pure white kittens? ;)
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