Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Morning update from Mayo...

We had a fairly good night.

They gave Jerry his pain meds about 11:45, and then medicine to help him sleep about 12:15.

When the nurse came in to give him the sleeping medicine, I had just started to fall asleep, so at first I thought someone was coming into the hotel room. :-o

Once I figured it out, we both slept most of the night.

I only woke up once or twice from them coming in to check on Jerry. I know they are keeping an eye on his blood pressure, pretty close.

Is it sad that the pull out couch in the hospital room is more comfortable than the bed in my hotel room?

This morning he has already had his swallow study. Of course the radiology tech didn't tell the nurse that he was back from that. So she came in when she heard MIL, and BIL talking, and said oh you're back. Then she asked how long he had been back for, which by that point was about 30 minutes. :shrug:

While he was at his swallow study I ran to the hotel and got cleaned up. I timed it pretty well, as he got back to his room right before I got back.

I brought back clothes to change into, but my gatorade spilled, so my shirts that I grabbed are now dirty.

AHHHHH! I need to find a laundry mat I guess.

They want Jerry to get up and walk today. Right now he doesn't want to because going for his swallow study wore him out. Hopefully around lunch time he will feel up to it again.

Dr. Doogie Howser* has been replaced by another Dr. Loogie Howser*. Another young doctor. This one though didn't ask as many questions or explain as much, but we were both pretty sleepy still.
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