Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Update to What A Day!

I had a message from Richard this morning about Matt:

"They have matt on comfort care now which bassically means give him lots of drugs and they have decided to bring him home and have a home nurse from hospise to be here. This looks to be the worst. Thank you for the prayers and matt thanks you too."

Please continue to keep the entire Armijo family in your thoughts and prayers. It hurts more than you can imagine to have to just sit here, and not be able to do something for a family that I care about.

I also talked to Jerry about 30 minutes ago. His potassium at the hospital last night was a 2.4, so they ran an iv, pretty much wide open, planning on sending him home about 10:30 last night. However he ended up getting sick, and having a horrible headache, so they kept him and gave him morphine, so instead of sending him home they admitted him. He wasn't sure what the plan or thought of action was going to be today.
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