Friday, June 26, 2009

Really? Nothing else has happened other than Michael Jackson in the world?

I swear looking at and the like the ONLY thing that has happened in the last 24 hours is Michael Jackson's passing!

You wouldn't know that President Obama met with the Chancellor of Germany.

You wouldn't know that Iran is still prosecuting people for their disagreements with the election results.

You wouldn't know that North Korea, is still, well, North Korea and threatening the United States.

You wouldn't know that Farrah Fawcett died yesterday too.

You wouldn't know that Arizona still doesn't have a budget.... and the one they are talking about cuts money to education... our future... where are their priorities....

You know what?

I am tired of hearing about Michael Jackson! I mean really, let it rest already!

Michael Jackson was 50 years old, not in his early 20's or even 30's.

Which means in my eyes at least, he lived a decently long life. He was not snubbed out in his prime. Yes he is leaving behind fairly young children, but with the life he led, I can't see how they are worse off with him gone.

Michael Jackson was a known pedophile. He preyed on young children, and did unacceptable things. If he had been an every day joe shmoe on the street, well he wouldn't have been on the street, he would have been in JAIL!! But no he bought his way out of it.

I understand that he was the biggest name of our childhood. And the first of our idols to pass. BUT he was not a GOOD person! He had major issues! I personally am suprised that he lived to be 50!

I don't understand the need of these people to "celebrate" a child molester.
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