Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sitting and waiting... Mayo Day 4

Well today was supposed to be a long day, chock full of appointments, one right after the other according to our schedule they gave us on Tuesday.

We arrived with pleanty of time for the first one, which was a preadmissions with the one nurse.

During that appointment Dr. B's nurse R stopped by and said that the appointment we had scheduled for this morning is a no go. She had scheduled it, as a just in case appointment, and Jerry doesn't need it. So she cancelled it.

Cool! Bonus!

Then we came down to the lab for a type and screen (even though Jerry knows his blood type.) and we have been here waiting for about 20 minutes now. Lucky Jerry can sleep just about anywhere and is taking a nap while we wait. I on the other hand can not. So I am glad I brought the laptop with me today.

As soon as we are done here, we will go across the hall so he can do his pre-op admissions paperwork. This appointment was scheduled for late this afternoon, but according to the scheduler in Dr. B's office, we can go at any time, its not a set in stone thing.

I need to go back to to the hotel before his appointment with the general doctor that does the last minute approval for surgery, and grab his medicine. The paperwork from the hospital in WR says that he is to take 40mg of something, but it says it like it is one pill, which did not show up on the computer as an option. Jerry says he takes 2 20mg pills, but the nurse wants to make sure we have it all in the computer right.

I am not sure what we will do when we get done here for the day. I crammed so much in yesterday, thinking that the next couple of days would be full here at the Clinic. Jerry is actually feeling better today than he has all week, so he may actually want to go do something with me. Novel thought! ;)

I am not sure now when we will be heading home. Our schedule we got in the mail last week said that he had an appointment on Monday, the latest schedule does not have that one on it.

I feel pretty confident saying we wont go anywhere before Sunday though.
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