Friday, June 26, 2009

So I guess freedom of speech doesn't exist anymore

WOW, just wow.

I never thought that expressing my thoughts and opinions on my facebook status would cause such a stir.

Early this morning I posted this:

Really thinking people need to get over the whole Michael Jackson thing! He was 50 for goodness sakes, not 25! Plus he lived a rough life with drugs, sex, and alcohol, why would we expect that he should get a free pass to live any longer than a different person that led that type of life?

Pretty much what I posted on here later on.

I had pleanty of people agree with me. And I am the first to admit that most of them listen to either country or rock music, and are of a certain race.

However one of my former co-workers took it to the extreme. She got into a debate with another friend of mine over Michael Jackson. Invoked the name of Elvis, and his wrong doings (which as I posted on there, I don't get the whole Elvis infatuation either!) and it just went on from there.

To the point this co-worker slammed me in her repeated status updates for the next several hours, and to where a friend of hers requested to be my friend on facebook to slam me. I did not accept that request! But all over my home page when I got home from VBS was this former co-worker slamming me right and left, and raising cane about how to delete me from her page (its not that hard!)

What I find hard right now, is the fact that I am not posting on other people's tributes to Michael, telling them my feelings on the matter. I just voiced my opinion, on my status update, and on my blog, that the never ending news about a person that led a long, hard, rough, drug filled, alcohol filled, life, is getting old.

I have removed this former co-worker as a friend, so if she feels the need to continue this nonsense she can.

I wont see it.

I understand that to some Michael Jackson was "the man". But I wish that those people could realize that to a LOT of us... he was a horrible human.

People can disagree with me all they want. I really don't care, hold your tributes all you want, just get it off of my tv when there are many more life altering things going on in the world.
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