Sunday, June 21, 2009

Too many cucumbers

and not enough people to eat them!

What's a girl to do?

Make pickles of course! My grandma and great-grandma are smiling down from heaven right now! ;) They used to make pickled everything it seemed when I was little.

Between Jerry still not being able to eat real food, and the girls being in Mississippi, we have more cucumbers than DJ and I can ever eat! Trust me, I didn't even like cucumbers until we moved to England, so us having between 3 and 5 ready to pick each day since we have been home from Jacksonville, that is tooooooooooo many cucumbers!

I have given some to all of the neighbors, and still we had more than I knew what to do with.

I even added some to my left over spaghetti the other night, as well as squash.
The other day when I went to Dublin and to Kroger I noticed that they had the dill pickle spice in a ready to go mix where all you do is add it to boiling water and vinegar, then do the rest. I didn't get any then, becuase I wasn't sure if we had enough cucumbers to make it worth my time.
The answer to that was yes, but I gave some more away... ;)
Then today we went to Dublin to go out to eat for Father's Day (not that Jerry really ate a lot). Then we went back to Kroger and I showed Jerry the dill mix. He said its a PITA, but I decided that I wanted to try.
We wont know for a few days how they turned out. But so far so good! I had a couple of the jars not seal properly, so I redid them. Now they are cooling.
Here are the pictures of my adventures for the day:
Example of one of our cucumbers (this is a small one compared to the rest).
Hamburger slicesSlices and wedges waiting for the pickle juice.Pickle juice ready to go in jarsHot water bathFinished product.

The one jar without a lid. Grrrr. ;)
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