Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What a day!

It has been a day....

I talked to my friend L this morning, who had talked to a close friend of Matt's parents either last night or this morning. It does not sound promising (24-48 hours). Please keep Matt, and his entire family (including his fiancee) in your thoughts and prayers. Pray that Matt is at peace and not in pain at this time, and that his family is comforted.

Then our lucheon at school, well, there were people that did not pay to eat, or that wanted chicken, that ate steak. So those of us that worked our tails off coordinating the event, preparing food, purchasing food, plating food, decorating, etc (ok not that I worked too hard on any of it today, my mind was in Texas with Matt and his family) ended up having to share steaks, because we served everyone else first. The committee bought 5 extra steaks, just in case, but still we (the committee) ended up sharing steaks, while others had enough to take home. I guess I am an honest enough person that if I had not paid for a meal, and someone had sat a plate in front of me, I would have said, I didn't pay yet, is there enough? Or I didn't pay yet, did you order extra, or should I get chicken. Let's put it this way, 45 people had paid as of yesterday, and 57 people ate today according to the potato count.


I was already upset about Matt, and this just made me mad. So I know that I said things that were not very nice, but the people I was mean about are more than likely the ones that didn't pay, or said they wanted chicken and then ate the steak. And they acted like it was their god given right to sit there and watch us all work our tails off to make this a nice meal, and look down at us.

Of course our air conditioner here at the house is still broken, so it was hotter than h#ll in the house when I got home. So I took the kids and we went to the BX furniture store, to price full sized mattress sets, which of course the BX has only the most expensive set in stock, because of course there is a sale, and they wont give you a rain check for the one that we wanted. After we left the furniture store we ran to the main BX to get a new water hose for Jerry (he ran over the other one with the lawn mower the other night).

While we were at the BX Jerry called and said meet me at the ER....

I thought he did something stupid.

Nope turns out he has a new primary care doctor on base, who believes that potassium below a 3.0 is critical (which it is, but Jerry rarely is above that.) The Capt. ordered Jerry to the ER to get potassium, and when Jerry argued and wanted to wait until the morning and have them do another draw before going to the hospital, the Capt. threatened paperwork. So Jerry, because he can't afford to get written up, took his unhappy behind to the ER, and the kids and I met him there.

Is it a bad thing when the ER nurses and doctors know your husband by name, and even joke that he is there for his monthly fill up?

Cause thats what happened when we went to the back.

The ER doctor ordered and EKG and their own potassium check to make sure that the levels weren't a lab error. But he also said that if this new doctor was going to send Jerry to the ER every time his potassium drops below a 3.0, the new doctor had better work harder than the others to get to the bottom of what is causing his potassium to drop, or else Jerry will be living in the hospital.

From there my day just got worse, if possible.

I came home and decided to hook up the new hose to the hose pipe in the well house to water the garden, its been about a week with no rain, and my peppers were looking wilted.

I hooked up the hose, and started untangling it, not even pulling on the hose pipe, when BAM! The hose pipe broke off the pipe in the well house. On the wrong side of the shut off valve.

I looked for a shut off switch for the motor, couldn't find it, so I yelled at Natalie to run to the neighbors and ask if Mr. Adam could come see if he could help me at least turn it off, until I could get the landlord out to fix it (yeah really looking forward to no water all night). Luckily Adam came over, he couldn't find the switch in the well house either, but we turned off the breaker (don't ask, I wasn't thinking about a breaker at the time!) Adam asked when Jerry was going to be home, and when I said hopefully tomorrow because he is in the hospital, Adam went home and found a new hose pipe fixture in his shop, brought it back and fixed the pipe for me. By the time the landlord got back to me, Adam had it fixed. Thank goodness for good neighbors!

Right now I am not sure how Jerry going into the hospital for potassium is going to effect his surgery next week, or if it will at all. I called and left a message for the one lady at the hospital to get in touch with Jerry's tricare manager for me about it, because I don't have the tricare managers phone number to call her myself.

I am hoping that she will take this as a sign that we need to get him down to the Mayo Clinic and let them do their thing, rather than the plan right now of having all of the tests ran here and the results sent to the Mayo Clinic. I know that will mean all of us going down, and then me bringing the kids to my parents when they get here, but that is preferable to this crap of not knowing.
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