Sunday, June 07, 2009

Never trust Mapquest again: Re: Mayo Clinic Jacksonville FL

I will never trust Mapquest again!

Finding our hotel, was no big deal, the directions were very clear and we made it without at problem.

I knew from the Mayo Clinic's lodging map, that our hotel was not super far away from the Clinic, but could not really tell how to get there from here. So I Mapquested it.

Turns out that Mapquest has the WRONG address for the Mayo Clinic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness we decided that when we went out to find food for the night to find out where we were going in the morning. Because in the morning we would have been screwed and Jerry would have missed his appointment!

Mapquest has you leave our hotel, go north/northwest about 7 miles, then wind around and around a couple of side streets. We ended up in a neighborhood that has multimillion dollar homes, right on either the river or the bay! We saw cars worth $70-80 thousand, homes that resemble castles, and river/bay views to die for! There was a home for sale by Sotheby's, that just glancing at the website is $4.9 million!

Jerry and I joked that Mapquest was giving directions out to one of the Mayo Clinic's head doctors home! (We were calling him Dr. Mayo, not that there is such a person, that was our joke though!)

I really want to go back tomorrow or Wednesday when we have nothing to do and take a picture of the neighborhood, just to show on here where Mapquest sent us!

Once we found our way back to the I-95 we went clear north to 9A and back down to the Mayo Clinic because Jerry knew how to get to the Mayo Clinic that way. Talk about a LONG way around, we really aren't that far away when you know where to go, but going the way we did was about 40 miles. LOL

We stopped at the Courtyard by Marriot on Mayo property and the nice registration clerk gave me wonderful directions back to our hotel. When I told her what happened, she said it happens all of the time, because Mapquest has the WRONG address!

I also told the Dr that was checking in as I was getting directions that we could have ridden down with him, he had Bibb County tags on his car. At first he looked at me funny, and then I told him that we lived in Twiggs, and that I just happened to notice his tags when we pulled in as he got out of the car. He laughed and said you should have, I had pleanty of room!

So if you have to come to the Mayo Clinic here in Jacksonville, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT trust Mapquest! Or if you do make sure that you put in the address that is on your paperwork!!!!!!
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