Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday afternoon update

I realized that I never said where we are at in case anyone needs to get a hold of us.

Jerry is in room 308 of the Jacksonville Mayo Clinic.

We have both of our cell phones if you have those numbers. Or obviously you can email me.

Right now Jerry has only been out of bed twice, the first time he walked down the hall about 10 feet, then the last time we went about 20 feet.

His swallow study came back clear, so Dr. Loogie Howser* said he could start clear liquids today. So about 11:45 or so they brought him some water.

He was having pain when he swallowed so he was not drinking a whole lot. The nurse vented his stomach tube, and that helped. Jerry forgot that it was in, or what it was for, so she taught him something new (Dr. Doogie Howser* told MIL, BIL and I last night.)

BIL has hardly shut up since he came in the door this morning. You can tell Jerry is out of it, because he has not told him to shush. I am not sure why he is even still here. I know he came last night to support his mom and check on Jerry, but he is still in the room with us, and is talking almost non-stop.

MIL went back to the hotel to rest, and to let Jerry get some rest, I think she was hinting to BIL to let Jerry get rest, and he didn't get it. The thing about it is that this is Jerry's older half brother that he really never grew up with. He has had a rough life, so a lot of his talking deals with that, or fishing, or politics, or reality tv (he and MIL had an hour long discussion about "cheating" and Judge Judy, earlier today).

I almost feel like asking Dr. Loogie Howser* to give me pain meds. ;)
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