Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a great week!

This week was one that I wasn't really looking forward too.

At the end of the school year, we teachers were told that we had to attend several workshops over the summer as part of our contract for this coming year.

Which are words that no self respecting teacher wants to hear, that their summer vacation has turned into training. Plus when I added in the fact that Jerry was going to be 10 days out from surgery at the start of the week, and the girls would not be here to help him take care of DJ (they are in Mississippi until the 8th with Jerry's mom, long convaluted story about how I am not too happy that DJ had to stay home, but thats for another post another day), I just didn't really want to go to this training this week.

But let me tell you, Middle Georgia RESA, ROCKS!

This week was titled Elementary Academy grades 3-5.

It all revolved around economics and teaching it in the classroom.

Let me tell you, they did a great job, showing us how to get this concept across to our students.

Since I found out for sure that I would be teaching reading and social studies this coming year, I was nervous. Mostly because our social studies curriculum is almost non-existant. We discovered in about November that we had materials that we could use, but nothing as a whole class set, so I winged it a lot this past year.

Now thanks to this class this week, I know where to find resources to use. I feel 100% more confident teaching the standards for this year in social studies.

The other reason why this week was great, was Vacation Bible School with DJ. Our neighbors Z, N, C, Miss M and Mr. D (as in DJ's hero Z's family) invited DJ to attend their Vacation Bible School. Monday was a bit rough for him, because I, in my infinate wisdom, thought he would be ok staying while I came home. Um not so much. He got upset, and ended up staying with Miss M all evening.

So Tuesday I promised to stay with him and help his class. And we have had a great time! We have come home each night talking and singing in the car.

Everyone has made us feel very welcome and everyone is so nice.

Which I know, its a church gathering, thats how it should be. However, a friend of mine's daughter is having a horrible experience with a group of kids and even the one girl's mother at another church in the county. Her experiences with this group of people is why even though we have been reached out too by two of the families from that church, I have not even pushed the girls beyond the basic we have been invited to attend such in such service, do you want to go. Mostly because I know if Kelsey or Natalie was treated the way B has been treated in the last 6 months or so, it would turn them off of church forever.

I will have pictures from VBS to share later!
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