Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday night update

We just turned out the lights to see if Jerry can go to sleep unaided. I doubt it, but its worth a try.

He is still in quite a bit of pain, and his blood pressure is higher than they would like.

They are just not sure if his blood pressure is a result of the pain or not. I am thinking not, since it does not seem to be coming down after they give him his pain medication. It might come down a little bit, but not a ton.

Not that either of the Dr. Howsers have been to see him since this morning.

I have a feeling he will not be discharged tomorrow, not that I want him to be, especially with his blood pressure and what not being high!

I also am not looking forward to having to try and get him to the third floor of our hotel! So hopefully they will keep him until at least Monday. That is when we are supposed to check out anyway, so if we are to stay for a couple more days, I will check us out and then move to the hotel here at the clinic. The hotel here has elevators if they have to put us above the first floor! Plus payday is Monday, so even if Jerry isn't released I can check us in with our debit card, and not stress too much about not being able to use Jerry's card. The military can just pay us back, rather than pay the card (its what will happen for the hotel we have now!)

I am staying with him again tonight, his blood pressure is high enough to worry even an old hat like me. Plus its easier on him to get me to do for him, than to have to call for the nurse or tech to come, and have to wait on them.

As for my BIL, Jerry thinks he is more nervous and upset about Jerry having this surgery and being in pain, and thats why he is sooooo talkative. Could be, I haven't ever spent this much time with him, but I know that he is always a talkative one. I just normally have an escape route. ;)

Well Jerry has stopped wiggling around, so maybe he is asleep. I guess I should try to get some too.
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