Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Does Tricare pay for you to go to the Mayo Clinic? (according to sitemeter)

Long answer short....


Long answer long...

The individual case has to go before the Tricare panel, and they make the final determination.

In our case Jerry's specialists in Warner Robins and Macon all agreed and wrote to the panel that the best course of action for his surgery was to come here and have the best doctors, the ones that pioneered the surgery, do the surgery. As they all (6 of them total) felt that with Jerry's history with high blood pressure, the severity of the hernia/esphogeal erosion, potassium problems, the best solution was to have him taken care of here.

It took Tricare almost 6 months to agree to send us here for even the consultation, and then another couple of weeks after that for them to agree to allow the clinic to do the surgery.

Your best solution is to ask for an active duty Tricare case worker to be assigned to your case. This is usually an RN that works closely with your military doctors, Tricare approved off base doctors, and Tricare. They are supposed to look over your records and coordinate with all of the medical parties concerned to make sure that Tricare and all of the doctors know what is happening.

The caseworker in Jerry's case is a wonderful woman Mrs. W, who has fought for him tooth and nail to get him the best care possible.
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