Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mayo Clinic Day 3~Kinda

Today was an "off" day from the Mayo Clinic, compared to the last two days, and the next two days.

Meaning, Jerry only had one appointment, unlike 3-5 the last two days, or the 6 tomorrow, and surgery on Friday.

We got up and headed down to Mayo about 7:45, Jerry turned in his 24 hour sample, and then we headed upstairs for his CT scan.

Jerry got taken back pretty close to his appointment time, and was in the back for about 90 minutes. The stuff they made him drink, and put in his IV to make the CT scan work made him feel pretty yucky. So when we left we went to Publix and bought bottled water (the water at the hotel is YUCKY!) Stopped and got some lunch, then came back to the hotel.

Once I had him settled in, I took off and went exploring.

I went to the Guana Tolomato Matanzas Reserve. I saw tortise, frogs, armadillos, and lots of birds. I will post pictures later. :)
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