Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mayo Clinic Day two....

This morning was day two of our Mayo Clinic adventures.

We were slightly worried that Dr. B would want to cancel Jerry's surgery, upon the advice of Dr. A (the kidney transplant specialist) yesterday.

All was well though, as Dr. B and his team think that they need to do the surgery sooner rather than later.

Dr. B then refered us to an Endocrologist (sp), Dr. M and Dr. G.

So we killed a few hours at the mall and went back to see Dr. M and Dr. G. They listened to what we told them. Then looked at what has already been ran and they want to run a CAT Scan tomorrow morning (so much for a day off from the clinic), to see if Jerry's adrinal glands have any problems.

Dr. G did say that there is definately something wrong when Jerry does any kind of exercise, and his potassium drops dramatically. So that is something none of the kidney doctors have ever told us.
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