Saturday, April 05, 2008

Another Day, another application, and more money spent

Today after working at Lowes all day, I came home and started working on my state certification.

When we moved to Florida I was told that I had to apply for my state certification prior to applying for jobs.

When we got ready to move here, I called the local school district and was told to hold off on applying for my certificate until I was here, and/or had a position in the district. Because here most/a lot of the districts will pay the fee for you.

Well Thursday as I walked out the door, I had a phone call from the school that I interviewed with the other week, wanting to know if I knew all of the details to getting my certificate.

I didn't, but it took a quick phone call to find it all out.

When I called the school back, the principal told me to get all of that in order and going. :) Which I hope means that I have a job, a real job, soon!

The rest of Thursday was spent getting ready for Jerry's graduation.

Yesterday was spent hanging out, trying to cash our rent check, which we needed the money from, in order to request the transcripts.

So today I get home and start ordering my transcripts. 90% of them you can order online. And when you have gone to as many colleges as I have that is a very good thing!

What is really frustrating about those is that two of the colleges that I requested online transcript go through the student clearinghouse. Cool! Except that you have to do two separate request forms and payments.

Then the two community colleges that I took classes at in Arizona, even though they are in the same "system" I had to request separate transcripts for them.

Then there is one university that just had to be different and have its own system for requesting the transcript, but at least it was still on line and simple.

The other 10% just need to get their acts in gear! What a pain in the behind, I have to print forms and get money orders and mail them in. Which means added time to the process. I know that really it doesn't matter, because certificate from Florida works until they get there, but still!

Oh and the other kicker is that I went to pay the certification fee, online (the preferred method of payment, and it keeps giving me an error message! So since I have to run out and get money orders anyway, I guess I will just get one for that too.

Sigh. Its not my night.

Next up, filling out the actual certificate application, filling out former employer forms, and getting them all set to go out into the mail.

Joy of joys
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