Friday, April 04, 2008


Well its been an interesting week to say the least.

A person that I thought I would never hear from again sent me an instant message on Tuesday. And we talked, off and on for a couple of hours. I have no idea what possessed this person to IM me, the last I heard from them, was basically telling me to buzz off. I have no idea what possessed me to even respond to the IM, but I did. If this person was looking for someone to stroke their ego, they didn't get it, what they did get was me telling them they were an idiot.

Wednesday, I heard from their significant other, wanting to know the truth about a lot of things.

So I told them, my version. I let some other mutual friends read what I had to say first so that I had outside opinions on what was being said, because really I have nothing to gain from it all, and a lot that I could lose from it.

I have known for over two years now that a lot of the things that this person told all of us (not just me, but all of our friends, that I introduced them to as well) were lies and fabrications. I could never figure out why they felt the need to lie about certain things that I had sorted out as lies, but I took it as this person was just trying to make themselves appear as a better person. This week I have learned that 99% of the stuff that this person ever said to any of us was a big fat lie! Whats funny and sad all at the same time is that the truth, the honest to god truth probably would not have changed a single thing about the friendships that this person had formed. But yet, they felt the need to lie about their background, their age (making themselves almost 10 years older than they were), their life in the states, just everything.

Whats funny about it all, is that this significant other and I have started to form a sort of a friendship, over this whole thing. At least I think so, hope so, because this person is coming across as very sweet, and like me at the loosing end of a bad deal with the first person. If they can work out the problems that have come to light over the last week, that is great for them, its going to take a lot of work and a lot of honesty on the first person's part, which I don't know if that person is capable of especially with what all has come to light this week, every last word that this person ever told me, or any of our mutual friends was a giant lie.

So if the new found friend in my life reads this, I hope we have become kinda sorta friends. :)
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