Thursday, April 17, 2008

My fellow military families have you seen this???

Jerry came home a few weeks ago, when he was still at NCOA talking about this, and I could never find information. So today I asked some of my fellow Military Wives about it, and one of them found the article for me. Since none of them sounded like they knew about it before now, I figured maybe we are not alone.

Sweeping Changes recommended

Active and reserve service members would have to wait until age 57 or longer before drawing retired pay under a controversial recommendation from a congressionally chartered commission.

The proposal would spell the end of the current active-duty plan that provides nondisability retirement immediately after completing a minimum of 20 years of service.

WTF??? Our families give up 20 years of our lives for the United States of America, and now they want to change the retirement plan?????

When Jerry cross trained it was because it was more beneficial for us to have him stay in until retirement (20 years) than it was to throw 14 years down the toilet.

If this passes, his cross training, our move, everything was for NOTHING!

Because if you ask me the military "commission" that wrote this up, is counting on a lot of the guys coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan to not make it until they turn 57, or 60.

When these men and women sign on for additional time after their original 4 or 6 years, they do so, for the most part so that they can retire with the military.

We need to band together and let the Legislative Branch know what we think of this one.
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