Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good Samaritan?



Well, maybe.

But I think I just was doing what anyone would do.

Today we had an elderly woman at work, who was acting disoriented.

First, she sat her purse down on one of the plant tables and walked away talking on her phone.

One of the loaders brought it up to me at the register to hold, so nothing happened to it.

Then when she went out to her car she locked her keys in her trunk. So she had to call road side assistance to come out and open the car for her.

When she came back in the store, she looked even more confused, so I asked her if there was anything she needed (at this point I didn't know that she locked her keys in the car). She explained what happened and asked if there was some place she could sit, and the wanted to sit on one of our blue carts.

I cleared a section of one of the end caps out in front, where there was some shade and it is flat so she could sit there.

I talked to her a few more minutes then had a customer so I went and checked them out.

Then I got her a cup of water from our cooler.

I asked all of the other employees to keep an eye on her, because I was worried about her, and I couldn't see her clearly while checking out other customers.

Then when the roadside assistance guy got there and was letting her in the car, I went out and made sure she was OK.

Thats when she called me, her good Samaritan, and her angel. And she gave me a big hug.

I just wanted to make sure she was OK, because she is someones Grandma, and if it was my grandma I would hope that someone took the time to check on her.

But she made me feel good.
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