Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Job prospects, things are looking up, I think

I heard from the principal out in the toolies tonight. (26 mile drive from the house to the school)

As soon as my certification comes back from Atlanta, and my references go through (which they are in the process of checking now, and considering I used people that I know love me, should not be a problem) she will take my name to the board for approval, for a 4th grade class for the fall (tentatively 4th grade, maybe 3rd).

So as long as all of that goes off with out a hitch, I have a job for the fall.

Yay me! (ala London Tipton style)

This is not to say that I am not still hoping for a job here in the county that we live in. Because ultimately that would be the best thing, (thank you oil companies, that cause it to be expensive for me to drive my HYBRID! I know, I know they give Matt a job.)

But it is a relief to know that I am almost guaranteed a job for the fall.

Wow three posts in one day....
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