Monday, April 14, 2008

Jerry Update VI

Jerry called about 6 pm.

They have moved him out of the ICU and into the step down unit.

Now to hope that he doesn't have any more set backs to where he has to go back to the ICU.

I was thinking tonight how lucky we are.

Unlike so many people we will still get paid while Jerry is in the hospital, and for however long he has to miss work. I know all to well that for most people when you are hospitalized beyond your sick leave days, you loose your pay.

We also have insurance that will cover 100% of the expenses while he is there. The insurance will also cover any other treatments that he needs once he is released, and it will cover no questions asked if he has to go see a specialist, at the request of his doctors.

I am also grateful tonight though that this happened here, because there is no on base medical emergency room, so he is in a civilian facility, so no military quacks telling him that this is all caused from his blood pressure, or some other non-sense. Plus this crew is not quiting until they figure out what is going on.
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