Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jerry update

good morning,

After getting in bed at 330, I woke up at 645 waited until 710 and called into Lowes. Luckily for me the sales manager was the MOD on duty, and he is very understanding when you call in.

I ended up falling back to sleep until 9, then I called Jerry's captain to let him know what was going on, and then went back up to the ICU to check on Jerry.

I figured since I had not heard from them all was status quo, and I was right. They were just setting up to do the endoscopy when I got there, I think the endo team walked in the door to the ICU right before I got there.

Jerry was in and out of sleep, he did tell me that they had given him two pints of blood between the time I left and when I got there, but his blood pressure is still lower than I have ever seen it, which just means that it is in the low normal range. I made sure to tell the surgeon and the ICU nurse (both the night nurse last night and the day nurse this morning) that too, just so they were aware. They said that the ER had noted his meds for him, and they figured as much from the doses he is on. (huh takes getting this sick to get his blood pressure to go normal.)

They did his endoscopy in the ICU room, so about 10 I went out to the family waiting room. About 1030 the surgeon came out. He did not see an ulcer, but Jerry has one of the worst cases of reflux disease, and resulting erosions in his esophagus that he has seen, where the person was not already diagnosed and on reflux medicine. The surgeon said that he did not any indications of cancer or anything else but did do biopsies just to be sure. He also said that he thinks that Jerry is a good candidate for the surgery to fix the problem as long as all of the biopsies come back clear.

I waited until about 1120 to go back into see Jerry, but he was still sleeping, so I went ahead and came home, after making sure the nurses had the phone number. The nurse said to expect him to sleep for at least 2 or 3 hours more. With the way he was in and out before the endoscope it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't sleep longer than that.

So I figure I will go back up after 4 and see what is going on.
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